Stephen Lang is an athlete and adventurer based in Squamish and North Vancouver, Canada.  Discovering a deep calling to explore the limits of wilderness early in life, Stephen took up that call by pursuing an expansive array of experience.  From dropping off powder swamped summits all over North and South America as a professional big mountain skiier, to carving the sun drenched surf on both coasts, to paddling the windswept channels of British Columbia's rugged coastal waters...  Stephen has had the drive, the skill, and the passion to press his edge of broad experience ever-further.  

After completing his post-secondary education and working as a contract wilderness guide, Stephen founded Points West Adventures out of Squamish, BC as a way to fulfill his long-time dream of both working and playing in British Columbia's backcountry.     

With this professional freedom in hand, Stephen was able to maintain a close connection to volunteer and non-profit work.  Through Points West Adventures, Stephen regularly allocated funds, time, and resources to form community partnerships with hospitals and clinics all over North America.  In doing so, he delivered adventure-based experiential education programs to thousands of children and families living with chronic illness.

Stephen works primarily as a contractor and freelancer in a number of media arenas.  The focus of Stephen's current work includes:

  • Producing and location scouting for advertising campaigns.  In his regular travel on work and personal endeavors to date, Stephen is uniquely placed to assist productions looking to discover and assess locales for their upcoming shoots.  In some cases, the request is as simple as finding a cafe and community with a specific look.  In others, it can be scouting a remote peak, cabin, valley, desert, or raging river out in the wilderness. 
  • Product Ambassadorship.  In his work with national and international corporations, Stephen has been key in delivering professional, charismatic representation for organizations who wish to enhance their image in the communities they serve.  Stephen has traveled across North America and Europe in these roles, comfortable in speaking to, and interacting with, a diverse range of customers and stakeholders.  
  • Action sports modelling/acting for print and screen. With his background in extreme and adventure sports, Stephen often finds himself dropping into locales both near and far for print and screen work.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in outdoor adventure wear, efficiently delivering high quality work to further promote their brands.  He regularly works on large- and small-scale production sets, in a variety of acting capacities.
  • Stunt acting.  By leveraging his skills in adrenaline sports like big mountain skiing, surfing, speed flying, skydiving, running, and mountain/road biking, Stephen has been able to lend a wide skill set to productions which require professional stunt acting.  
  • Fitness modelling/acting for print and screen. With a deep commitment to his own personal development, health and wellness is a one of Stephen's biggest passions.  He has been able to express this professionally with print and screen work in this area.  He has been seen in catalogs, commercials, and on the internet for a variety of brands in this space.
  • Professional big mountain skiier and wilderness guide.  For over a decade, Stephen provided wilderness guiding and big mountain skiing services to a high level clientele. With over 1200 logged days, this has allowed him a deep knowledge of North America's backcountry and the ability to confidently move others through it.  
  • Motivational speaking.  Harnessing the wealth of his own personal experiences, Stephen has spoken to hundreds of groups across North America, promoting a message of an integrated lifestyle of health and purpose including how to overcome the obstacles which stand in the way of that goal.  Often, these engagements have been done in conjunction with product ambassadorship, allowing audiences to see the direct benefits of the brands he is supporting.   

In his recent work, some of the companies Stephen has worked for include:

  • Columbia Outerwear
  • LL Bean
  • Eddie Bauer
  • New Balance
  • Reebok
  • Tourism Tofino
  • Arc'teryx
  • Nike
  • Air Canada
  • The North Face
  • Lincoln Automobiles
  • Saxx
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Shaw Cable
  • Pacific Sands
  • Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC)
  • Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)
  • Lululemon
  • Whistler Blackcomb
  • Alta Ski Area
  • Johnson & Johnson (Animas, Lifescan)
  • Capilano Group
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Compassionate Eye Foundation

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